Spam Detour is a managed spam filter service

Anti Spam, Spam Removal, Spam Blocker.

Stop Spam emails before they enter your Business network – Spam Detour is the smart way to combat the ever-increasing spam and virus threats that have become a global problem to most businesses. As Spam threat writers continuously change their techniques to penetrate companies existing defences, spam threats have increased dramatically over the years and are beyond being a simple nuisance.

Spam Detour works as a managed security service where there is nothing to install, no additional hardware, service or upgrade required. Spam has become a global problem for businesses that represents up to 95% of all emails and rising in volume and criminality. It’s time for a more powerful method to protect your business rather than the conventional software package installation product.

How we Block Spam?

Using our extensive anti spam filters and sophisticated virus scanning, we help keep your email secure, block malicious code and viruses. Our technology filters spam out of your entire business and sends only preferred email on to your mail servers which in turn frees up IT resources, Employee’s mailbox space and internet Bandwidth within your network.

Spam is a common source of fraud, so protect your business

Spam is becoming more dangerous with increasingly sophisticated criminal attacks including identity fraud, hoaxes, virus, spyware and Trojans. Spam Detour offers a higher level of protection than your normal conventional software package or in house solution where you have to manage constantly.

Our vision is of a solution that provides a total Spam filter service that protects and secures your network from unsolicited spam emails as quickly and efficiently as possible.