Spam Detour Managed Anti-Spam Filter Service

Scan – Filter – Send

Spam detour is a leading managed service solution that filters all emails and prevents spam from entering your business network. It protects staff from fraudulent, unsolicited and inappropriate emails. Our managed spam filtering technology has been developed after years of research and by combining a number of technologies into one innovative solution.

SpamDetour does not rely on a single anti-spam technology. SpamDetour uses a professionally managed service approach plus cross-referencing methodology. We require:

  • No Hardware Installation.
  • No Software Installation.
  • No Hardware to Purchase.
  • No downloads required.
  • No upgrades required.
  • No service contracts.
  • No changes to your current system.

Our skilled technicians are the key to the success of the SpamDetour service. Our staff personally monitor the latest spam trends and add new detection methods as new fraud techniques emerge. Secondly, we cross-reference a wide range of the world’s leading blacklists and anti-spam information. Our manual intervention and our networked intelligence provide us with a major competitive advantage.

Most organisations are currently operating commercially available anti-spam software systems and blacklists which are installed on their in-house email servers or workstations. One of the problems with this approach is that spam developers are able to purchase the same anti-spam software as your company is operating. The fact that spam developers have access to the same software as the (potential) victims means that the spam developers are able to continually able to refine and redesign their spam to beat the system.

We have run a barrage of tests using known spam sources and compared the results between conventional server and workstation based anti-spam systems compared with the SpamDetour managed service. Our tests show that spam which is able to past undetected through common in-house anti-spam systems will, in most cases, be detected and removed by the intricate detection methods available from the SpamDetour managed service.

Organisations are becoming aware of the shortcomings of in-house or software based systems compared with professionally managed anti-spam services. It is only a matter of time before most organisations move across to take advantage of the higher level of protection offered by managed anti-spam services such as SpamDetour.

About Communicat

SpamDetour is a specialised and professional anti-spam management service provided by Communicat Business Solutions. Communicat has been providing professional consulting services as well as a leading range of integrated communication and business streamlining systems since 1987. For information visit Communicat Business Solutions Web Site.