Spam Detour Customer Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it, here what some of our clients are saying about our product and service below:

“We wanted a solution that was simple to install and didn’t require our staff to perform any Configurations or management. Spam Detour required Only one phone call and no on-site visit…”

IT Officer, John Allison Monkhouse Funerals.


“Previously we had a large amount of Spam flowing through our business network and it was a business concern in relation to the amount of spam we were receiving. Once we signed up to spam detour our email system has never worked better!!”

IT Officer, Laine furnishings Bris/Melb/ACT offices.

“…When email’s became a business requirement, that’s when spam turned its ugly head with inappropriate emails. It was inappropriate for staff to be exposed to this material and it needed to be stopped. I tried Spam detour’s trial which required no install just a phone call – that was over 5 years ago.”

Administration Officer, Protea Flora Nursery.

“Spam detour was a painless setup which required no software installation on any of our workstation’s or servers. The best thing About the product is it stopped staff complaining about the amount of illegitimate emails they were receiving. Thank you Spam Detour!…”

Managing Director, Austech Wire and Cable Pty Ltd.

“…Spam Detour Works very effectively in detouring spam.
Before Spam Detour we had so much spam that staff were spending a considerable amount of time sorting out their inboxes and Cleaning it up.
Spam detour brought our spam problem to a manageable amount that could be fine tuned or adjusted
If required…”

General Manager, LK Diesel Services Australia.